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About Cheryl...

Cheryl Aiello, BCHHC, CLC is the owner and founder of YogaHeart and Health and is  a multi-certified Holistic Health and Wellness Specialist dedicated to meeting students and clients right where they are in this moment.

The natural  modalities employed at  Yogaheart and Health are imbued with the education and guidance received from gifted teachers and over 40 years of Cheryl's personal practice, training, study and self-inquiry.

Thoughtful guidance is offered in making lasting positive changes in health, nutrition, graceful aging and fitness. By learning how to soothe anxiety and stress naturally you will benefit by being introduced to a naturally healing lifestyle that offers an experience of  living that is both nourishing and supportive of your best self.  How you feel in on the inside makes all the difference as to how you experience life on the outside. 

You can only see a change if you make one, so
let the first thing you change this year be something that changes your year !

Be Healthy, Be Strong, Be Relaxed...

Certified Life Transformation Coach
Board Certified Holistic Health Counselor
Certified Drugless Practitioner
Certified  AAMET EFT Energy Healer
Professional Yoga Therapist
Certified Yoga Teacher
Certified LifeForce Yogatm for Mood Management Practitioner
Certified Practitioner, Thai Yoga Therapy 
Certified TaiJiFit Flow and Strength Instructor
Certified Qi Gong Practice Leader
Professional Organizer

Cheryl Aiello, BCHHC, PYT |914.523.4450
North Salem, New York

Mahatma Ghandi
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Below are some comments from beloved clients and students:

"Cheryl has been my yoga teacher for several years and I have always been impressed with her peaceful spirit and nurturing demeanor.  I was intrigued by her EFT Tapping practice as I was looking to be more positive an to let go of painful memories.  After just one session I felt the difference.  I was able to replace a negative thought pattern with a more positive outlook and was able to look back on painful memories and reframe with an adult perspective and let them freeing! I recommend Cheryl to anyone searching for personal growth and acceptance."
             -KW, Marketing Executive, NY, NY

"All of Cheryl's classes are beautiful. Over the years I have sent m best clients to Cheryl as she lives what she teaches and practices what she preaches...that is rare !"
            - CB, Massage Therapist, N. Salem, NY

"I came to Cheryl through a friend in common and had developed a trust and respect for her.  Through my coaching sessions with Cheryl I began to trust my instincts, respect my own feelings and affirm my innate gifts.  She is very knowledgeable about health, self discovery and finding one's center." 
             -MM, Technology Professional, Danbury, CT

"I have consulted with Cheryl for Yoga, Health Counseling and Thai Yoga and in each phase I have benefited from her expertise.  Cheryl is a tremendously kind, thoughtful, knowledgeable and professional person in every aspect and has helped me through some very difficult times."             
             -RM, Dental Practice Manager, Pawling, NY

"I had a very good experience with Cheryl and EFT.  Chery's warmth created a positive healing environment in which I felt seen and heard. She always seems to intuitively know just wat was needed next.  I would recommend her without hesitation.
           -KS, Entertainer, Sandy Hook, CT