EFT Energy Healing and Mood Management

Anxieties...  They can run your life, they may even ruin your life...like they did mine for too many years.

Born into a challenging family environment, I spent my earliest years trying to cope with my rising anxiety on my own, my life becoming smaller and more limited as time went by.  Eventually in desperation I turned to western medicine and pharmaceutical drug solutions, the side effects of which were debilitating in other ways.

In my early 20's, at a local Continuing Education Program, I discovered Yoga which not only brought me a glimpse of peace that was at that time new to me, but led me to discovering other related modalities to soothe my anxieties naturally.  I read and experimented voraciously, and gradually I found myself at the foot of a path to enjoying life as I had never done before.

Over the course of time that followed, my deep interest in natural methods of healing led me to pursue a variety of formal trainings in powerful techniques and practices that I could reliably use in coping with the everyday, and not so everyday, stresses and strains of life.  This was a process that took many years of dedicated study, reading, learning and experimenting, always searching and evaluating techniques for their application, effectiveness and duration of results, culling out those that really worked, really made a tangible difference in my everyday experience of the world around me.

Now I am ready to help you experience that "tangible difference" in YOUR everyday experience...but with far less time and effort.

My Approach:

If you are currently being supported by prescription medication, I encourage you to maintain your present dosages while together we custom design a "practice" just for you, based on the exploration of healthy eating, personalized nutrients and an array of techniques from calming modalities such as EFT  ENERGY HEALING (Emotional Freedom Technique), LIFE FORCE YOGAtm for Mood Management, PRANAYAMA (Controlled Breathing Techniques), RESTORATIVE YOGATHAI YOGA BODY THERAPYYOGA NIDRA, KANSA VATAKI TREATMENT(please see Kansa Vataki Page) and  many other simple techniques from a variety of traditions including TaiChiJuan and QiGong that gradually and easily be incorporated into your current lifestyle to help you slowly move from fear to freedom.

          Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT, also known as "Tapping", combines the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine and cutting-edge insights from modern Western Psychology.

It has been brought to  light that there is a connection between emotions, physical symptoms and acupuncture point stimulation.  The general principle behind EFT is that the root cause of all negative emotion is a disruption in the body's energy system.  By tapping on locations where a number of the different meridians flow, we are able to release unproductive memories, emotions and beliefs which  cause the blockages.  EFT is a technique that allows us to change dysfunctional beliefs and emotions on a subconscious level.  The result is a stress relief modality that can help relieve and eliminate the negative feelings and thought patterns that hold you back from from enjoying life as you would like to.

                The Natural Approach to a Peaceful Mind and A Healthy Body

Cheryl Aiello, PYT, CHHC
North Salem, New York

(EFT) Energy Healing

As an AAMET Certified Energy Healer, I can teach you this easy "acupunture without needles" self applied tool, a non-invasive, safe technique that stimulates meridian points by tapping on them, causing changes in the brain, nervous system and body so you feel instant relief from physical and / or emotional pain.  You can experience the cutting edge art of EFT in person, via skype or telephone.