The Natural Approach to a Peaceful Mind and A Healthy Body

Cheryl Aiello, BCHHC, PYT
North Salem, New York

YOGA of the HEARTtm
             Cheryl is certified in the Yoga of the Hearttm Cardiac and
                 Cancer Program in which yoga theory and practice are 
         used as tools for transformation and healing with people 
              recovering from, living with, or at risk for heart disease, cancer or other life altering illnesses.

              Adaptive Yoga is yoga adapted to the needs of each
                individual participant.  All you need to practice Adaptive
                 Yoga is the ability and willingness to be present to the
                  needs of your body, aware of the flow of your breath and
              open to embracing the changes that will take place within
                you.  This practice all-encompassing and brings all the well
            documented and well known benefits of Yoga to you no 
              matter what your physical limitations.  Yoga is adapted to
            suit your unique requirements. The use of props such as a
 chair, the wall, belts or blocks are encouraged with 
         practice of Adaptive Yoga to aid in the maintenance
of stability.

                 In a supportive environment we explore balance and                              energy enhancing techniques using a variety of props                   (such as chairs, blocks, etc.) and different modalities to keep the
            class interesting and enjoyable, including the use of balls to
           help build agility, stabilize and train the body to regain
                balance more quickly.  SEATED STRETCHES, TAIJIFIT                          AND QIGONG movements to promote flexibilty,
                 coordination and balance; STRETCHY BANDS to help                build strength and energy and SPECIALIZED BALANCE
                 EXERCISES thta improve overall confidence and reduce                        through life with more balance, grace and confidence.                     You are encouraged to start from where you are and progress at your own level of comfort.

People with limited mobility can use Yoga to take charge of their own health and restore a sense of control over their lives.  When appropriately practiced, Recovery Yoga can promote feelings of well-being and to whatever extent is possible, accelerate healing.  Under normal circumstances, one doesn't feel their body.  It is just there operating in the background providing you with the vehicle that takes you about in your daily business.  However when you are chronically ill or injured, your body no longer feels as if it is in the background.  It is very present reminding you that your former comfort and freedom of movement is compromised or no longer exists.  Recovery Yoga is designed not only to give your body a jump-start toward wellness, but to take your mind off the discomfort of your body...quiet your mind and offer you some relief. You will gain practical tools to use for feeling better about yourself, both physically and emotionally and will have the opportunity to take responsibility for your own health maintenance.

        LIFEFORCE YOGAtm for Mood Managment
         " LifeForce Yoga is intentionally designed to work with and manage mood...anxiety and depression for example.  The practices support students in self-regulation, and many of the yoga techniques can be done in a chair or in bed and do not require a yoga mat. Most practices are evidence based, have been adapted for clinical settings, and are used in health care settings globally.  They are rooted in traditional active meditation and self-inquiry teachings that embrace the plarities in our lives."
             LifeForce Yogatm utilizes 
         breathing practices, meditation techniques, vibrational
         tones and simple but profound physical postures to
      release the places in the mind and body where
       tension and anxiety are stored. Each posture is chosen
          to cultivate key qualities that can help alleviate anxiety.
         Through the peace and the pace of LifeForce Yogatm, we
        become that which we seek.

           Thai Yoga, often referred to as "assisted yoga", is a
            therapeutic combination of supported yoga poses and
             traditional Thai Yoga Bodywork techniques.  Working
            on a thick mat on the floor, you will be fully clothed a
            Thai Yoga session.  
                 By freeing the flow of vital energy in the body, Thai Yoga                 can improve posture, breathing, flexibility,digestion and                      circulation. Muscles are stretched, inner organs toned, and                   emotional and nervous tension is reduced. The body and                mind are delightfully balanced into a peaceful state.

Don't see the perfect class for you? Easy, 
just gather 3-4 of your friends or relatives and create your own class with the focus of your choice, choosing from a wide variety of possibilities.

A Private Session with Cheryl offers the 
opportunity to rediscover and reclaim the 
strength and flexibility of your body, awaken
the power of your breath and explore your
Yoga and Health in a private setting at the 
location and time of your chosing. Cheryl 
listens carefully to your goals and works
intuitively to customize your experience, 
address your specific needs and design the 
most beneficial class for you that includes
ongoing support to help you develop your
own practice at home.