What is the difference between Tai Chi and Qi-Gong?

"When you cultivate balance and harmony within yourself, or in the world--that is Tai Chi.  

When you work and play with the essence and energy of life, nature and the universe for healing, clarity and inner peace -- that is QiGong."

Dr. Roger Jahnke

       The Natural Approach to a Peaceful Mind and a Healthy Body

Cheryl Aiello, PYT CHHC
North Salem, New York

​Get Your Qi On !!!

 TaiJiFit is the most unique workout to come along in decades and combines the best elements of fitness, meditation and the ancient martial art of Taijiquan (Tai Chi)...AND, the practice can be enjoyed either standing or sitting in a chair !  Anyone can practice TaiJiFit, young or old, strong or weak, and it requires no special outfit or equipment.

When taking the class, you find yourself moving your body with the grace and confidence of the ancient masters who knew the secret of balancing yin and yang -- strength and power, beauty and peace, endurance with flow. With inspiring and motivating music in the background, you are led through several chains of traditional Taijiquan and QiGong movements, but all you have to do is follow, relax and enjoy.  There is no routine or choreography to memorize or "get right" because I will lead you into "The Flow" naturally and easily.

Health Enhancing QiGong
There is a self-healing aspect which is a part of every persons body, mind and spirit.  We can learn to apply methods to activate the medicine within and its ability to heal us.  The Medicine Within, Health Enhancing QiGong  consists of:  Deep breathing,  Exercises that stretch and strengthen, Slow, fluid, flowing movements and a Meditative state of mind. These techniques are easy to learn, easy to apply, require no special knowledge or training and can be practiced by all people -- sick or well. Actively practicing QiGong helps improve health and well-being mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.