Below are some comments from some of my beloved students and clients...

"I have had four spontaneous and for me,  experimental EFT sessions with Cheryl.  I can be very skeptical of "healing techniques" and "healing substances" but I also understand how much science is  exploding beyond the theories once held as doctrine.  Integrative medicine is no longer fringe treatments for the obvious body/mind/soul interconnection.  I also have spent years in counseling for clinical depression and am on a very helpful medication for OCD.  Yet I was so thoroughly  SURPRISED at the results in only one hour with Cheryl that I obtained each time we met.  I cannot recommend sessions with her strongly enough. DO IT !! You will be lighter, healthier and freer than when you started"
~R.E., Retired, Somers, NY~

"Cheryl has been my yoga teacher for five years and I have always been impressed with her peaceful spirit and nurturing demeanor. When I found out about her EFT Tapping practice, I was intrigued.  I was looking to be more grateful and positive and to let go of painful memories.  After just one session with Cheryl, I felt a difference.  We were able to replace a negative thought pattern with a more positive outlook and I was able to look back on painful memories and re-trigger my mind to put it into an adult perspective and let it go.  Very clarifying and freeing.  I recommend Cheryl to anyone searching for personal growth and acceptance."
~K.W., Marketing Executive, NY, NY~

"All of Cheryl's classes are beautifully comprehensive. Over the years I have sent my best clients to Cheryl for Yoga and for Thai Yoga.  Cheryl lives what she teaches and practices what she preaches.  That is rare !"
 ~ C.B., 26, Massage Therapist, North Salem, NY~

"She not only guides you toward strengthening your body, she feeds your spirit with chanting and meditation.  Her gentle spirit and sweetly soothing voice provide a safe environment in which to focus even the most restless  of bodies and minds."
~ D.S., 52, Professor, New York City~

"I have consulted with Cheryl for Yoga, Nutritional Counseling and Thai Yoga and in each phase I have benefited from her expertise.  Cheryl is a tremendously kind, thoughtful, knowledgeable and professional person in every aspect of her practice and has helped me through some very difficult times."
~R. M., 54,  Dental Practice Manager, Pawling, NY~

"I had a very good experience with Cheryl Aiello and EFT.  Cheryl's warmth created a positive healing environment in which I felt seen and heard.  She communicated clearly while skillfully directing me through the EFT process.  She always seems to intuitively know just what was needed next.  I would recommend her without hesitation."
~K.S., Entertainer, Sandy Hook, CT~

"Cheryl is a very skilled and thoughtful yoga teacher who devotes special care and attention to her students.  I have found that she has been particularly sensitive to my special requirements during the practice of yoga.  I am an enthusiastic golfer and many of the exercises she has developed have been particularly helpful to my game.  As a result of my yoga sessions with Cheryl, I have found an increase in my flexibility and improved balance and concentration."
~D.N., Art Gallery Owner, New York City~

"I left my Kansa Vataki, Tibetan Marma session not knowing exactly what Cheryl had done, but I knew I felt calmer and better than I had in a while!"
~K.G., Designer,  Bethel, CT~

"The results of my Kansa Vataki session was nothing short of a miracle... I found a reduction of lines and wrinkles after the very first treatment.  Also the process felt detoxifying and the relaxing effect was almost instant."
~S.K., Actress, Wilton, CT~

Mahatma Ghandi

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North Salem, New York